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A Sound mind in a Sound Body

In a land where Gods were interacting with humans, while humans became Gods. In a land where speech, performance and reasoning were perceived an art, while centaurs and other mythical creatures were walking within thick woods, accompanied by speaking owls and birds. In a world where brave warriors with ships dominated the Mediterranean sea, spreading trade and inventing exploration while athletes performed to honor the Gods.

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Our experience has proven that the summer for the children is mainly associated with vacations, relaxation, fun and for that reason, the obligatory lessons will last for 45 minutes, including pleasant and various subjects and being to a great extent interacting, covering only four hours per day each morning, and highlighting mainly the interactive learning which will “stimulate” their interest and will encourage participation. The brief excursions at the unique natural surroundings of Epirus, will stimulate mind and body, exposing the children to mesmerizing images. At the end of the day, we will ensure their safe night entertainment, with various events and we carefully plan all the excursions, ensuring that they all give the impression of true vacations.


Theatre mirrors the civilization of a country. It educates and entertains. It contributes to the development…


Music is a way of sentiment expression through sounds. The art of music in...


Ceramics is the art met in the majority of civilizations for many years now. Mixing clay with water brings humans...

Excursions/Experiential Visits

With various mountains and rivers, and the sea in a close proximity, Epirous offers a wide range...

Art & Civilization

Art creates culture and culture art, in either way, those two things evolve side by side through the...

Sport Activities

Epirus has a unique combination of mainland and seaside scenery. With high rocky mountains or thick forests, deep...

English knowledge

Although we welcome students of all levels of spoken English, we must highlight that this is not an English enrichment programme. Thus, we would like to stress that in order to achieve the maximum engagement, students should have a confident knowledge of spoken English.

Summer Study

For students who wish to enrich their knowledge in Ancient and Modern Greek History and Politics, together with the brief study of the Odyssey and Iliad, Study Greece offers a special programme at an extra charge.

Greek Study

For students who wish to learn or improve their command of Greek as a Foreign Language, Study Greece offers a special programme at an extra charge.

Volunteering Experience

For students 17-19 there is the option of volunteering. The participation to the programme will be certified by an official body.

Social Programme

Study Greece International Summer School, uses the interactive, experiential approach of tuition, offering multi-activity programmes with the aim to boost communication and cooperation between the participants. The students have the opportunity to visit specific landmarks at the wider Epirus area, become familiar with certain myths and traditions present, take photography, pottery, culinary etc instruction, spend time with friends and relax.


Students have the opportunity to visit a wide range of Greek touristic destinations, explore them and learn more about their importance to the local development.


Study Greece Summer School is located at the picturesque city of Ioannina, Greece, one of the safest places in Greece and popular touristic destination, combining mountainous and seaside characteristics.

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