Our experience has proven that the summer for the children is mainly associated with vacations, relaxation, fun and for that reason, the obligatory lessons will last for 45 minutes, including pleasant and various subjects and being to a great extent interacting, covering only four hours per day each morning, and highlighting mainly the interactive learning which will “stimulate” their interest and will encourage participation. The brief excursions at the unique natural surroundings of Epirus, will stimulate mind and body, exposing the children to mesmerizing images. At the end of the day, we will ensure their safe night entertainment, with various events and we carefully plan all the excursions, ensuring that they all give the impression of true vacations.


Theatre mirrors the civilization of a country. It educates and entertains. It contributes to the development of the children’s imagination and cognitive development. Through the “staging” of a theatre performance, the young people learn team work, but also the specific role that each and every one of us may have. In Greek culture and the civilization, theatre has a special place since antiquity and it is still an active part of our education.


Music is a way of sentiment expression through sounds. The art of music in ancient Greece was protected by Gods. Today, we give the opportunity to the young people to learn Greek traditional music with the help of experienced professionals, but also the culture and history that those sounds carry with them through time.


Ceramics is the art met in the majority of civilizations for many years now. Mixing clay with water brings humans closer with two of the four elements of nature. Ceramics is deeply connected with the Greek civilization since antiquity, travelling through the Byzantine reaching today. In the ceramics lab, the young people discover the miracle of creation using their skills and imagination, giving shape to mass.

Excursions/Experiential Visits

With various mountains and rivers, and the sea in a close proximity, Epirous offers a wide range of excursion possibilities.There are also archaeological sights as Ancient Dodoni, Ancient Nikopolis and Nekromanteion of Acheron. Egnatia and Ionian motorways, make also other sites as Akropolis, Ancient Vergina, Ancient Olympia, Meteora etc easily accessible.

Art & Civilization

Art creates culture and culture art, in either way, those two things evolve side by side through the centuries. Epirous has its own cultural heritage and contribution in arts, music, theater and all the rest knowledge areas.

Sport Activities

Epirus has a unique combination of mainland and seaside scenery. With high rocky mountains or thick forests, deep canyons, streams and rivers but also unique beaches with crystal waters that resemble tropical islands. This exact natural and geological characteristic is ideal for sport activities within nature. Away from the courts found in large cities, the young people may exercise through activities as trekking, rafting, canyoning, archery, horseback riding, swimming etc