Our Philosophy

A Sound mind in a Sound Body

In a land where Gods were interacting with humans, while humans became Gods. In a land where speech, performance and reasoning were perceived an art, while centaurs and other mythical creatures were walking within thick woods, accompanied by speaking owls and birds. In a world where brave warriors with ships dominated the Mediterranean sea, spreading trade and inventing exploration while athletes performed to honor the Gods. A world where people turned their sight towards the night sky, searching for new worlds. In a land known for its exquisite cuisine, breathtaking landscapes full of fantasy and adventure. A land of legends and myths, which gave birth to one of the greatest civilizations of mankind.

Greece, a historical tourist destination, becomes alive on your child’s next vacation.

Come with us in an educational journey from the past till the future, combining philosophy, arts and outdoor activities. Come to a different experience stimulating mind and senses and spend your vacation through a modern educational perspective. Give to your children the chance to visit a modern “ancient” country and offer them the best memories of their lives.

This summer the legend comes back to life through our programme.